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About our teacher Anne Hasson

Who are you?

Anne Hasson.

What brought you to yoga and how long have you been practising yoga?

Chronic neck pain from a whiplash injury took me to yoga 19 years ago. After attending weekly classes for a year I was fully recovered and pain free. Work and study commitments made me give it away for a couple of years. Stress and the return of the neck pain made me realise that the only way to keep myself healthy and pain free was to take responsibility for my own well being. I went back to weekly yoga classes and have been practising continuously since then - about 13 years now - and neck pain is a distant memory.

What has the practice of yoga brought to your life?

Two things which I think are equally important-:
Physical health and well being, and the ability to cope with life`s stresses with a calm accepting mind (most of the time!).

What made you decide to become a teacher and what aspects of teaching at Harmony do you most enjoy?

I took on the teacher training course for personal growth hoping to become more confident, and to challenge myself both physically and mentally. I enjoy everything about teaching yoga - it never seems like a job. Mostly I enjoy seeing how it helps others with their lives. I`d like to see everyone have the advantage of yoga in their lives.

What is the funniest/weirdest thing that`s happened or been said while you have been teaching?

Once the room I was to teach in was flooded the night before. The carpet was still very damp so they had a huge blower brought in which looked like an engine from a 747 - and sounded like one too! I was still expected to conduct the class! It also smelt very bad (think wet gym carpet!). Needless to say I didn`t do any pranayama (breathing exercises) but we had fun anyway.

Finally what`s your personal ambition or wish for your yoga practice in the future?

To continue to grow both personally and professionally as a teacher; always to keep in mind that there are more lessons out there for us to learn from and to try always to remain flexible in both the mind and the body.

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