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Halasana - The Plough and Sarvangasana - Shoulderstand

No.7 - 2006-11-14
Bhujangasana - The Cobra

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Chakrasana - The Bridge

No.2 - 2006-11-14
Paschimotanasana - Forward Stretch

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2006-11-14 - Bhujangasana - The Cobra

Bhujanga means serpent or cobra.


1. Lie on the floor face down, legs extended with the feet together or hip distance apart. Keep the knees tight and the toes pointing. Place the palms of your hands under the outer side of your shoulders, elbows tucked into the body and down onto the floor. Fold your forehead onto the floor. (Fig. A)
2. Inhaling, slide your chin forward taking the head up and back, shoulders back and down.. With the palms pressed firmly onto the floor, gently raise the body up, opening the chest, dropping the shoulders back and down and your head gently back. Straighten your elbows. Squeeze the buttocks or allow them to relax, spreading the pelvis. (Figs. B-F)
3. Stay in the position breathing gently.
4. Contract the muscles in the buttocks and thighs and as you exhale, stretch forward with the whole body as you lower gently and slowly to the floor, folding the body back down along the floor. Once the shoulders are down, fold the forehead well under.

This posture is a panacea for an injured spine and in cases of slight displacement of spinal discs, the practise of this pose gently realigns the discs in their correct position. The spinal region is toned. The chest is expanded, exercising the cardiac muscle thus reducing deposits of cholesterol and salts in the arteries and the thymus gland is gently massaged, cleansing and balancing it and stimulating the immune system.
On another level the Cobra assists us to develop emotional maturity opening us up to a greater awareness of Unconditional Love towards ourselves and others. The ability to discern what is right for our own growth and development and reject what is not is also assisted by regular practise of this posture.

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