The Latest 10 Asanas

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No.10 - 2006-11-14
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Matsyasana - The Fish

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No.3 - 2006-11-14
Chakrasana - The Bridge

No.2 - 2006-11-14
Paschimotanasana - Forward Stretch

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2006-11-14 - Paschimotanasana - Forward Stretch

Paschima literally means the west - the back of the whole body. In this asana the back of the whole body is intensely stretched from the nape of the neck right down to the heels.

1. Sit erect and slightly forward on the sitting bones, with legs stretched out in front, shoulders, head and neck relaxed.
2. Breathing in, slowly raise the arms over the head. Stretching - lift up out of the hips and open the chest.
3. Breathing out and keeping the knees straight, extend the spine and keep the back concave. Slowly bend from the hips and lower the trunk of the body over the legs. Keep the head up - looking forward - keep the spine straight. Gently inhale.
4. Grip the ankles or legs wherever comfortable. Exhaling, gently lay along the legs, forehead to the knees, and relax into the position.
5. Breathing gently, hold the position for a few moments.
6. Inhaling, slowly roll the spine up so that you are sitting erect once again.
7. Repeat three times.
8. Exhaling, lower the arms gently and rest with knees bent, arms clasped around legs, spine softly bent and chin resting on the chest.

Holding the pose massages the heart, the abdominal organs and kidneys are toned, improving the digestion, and the spinal column is lengthened and strengthened, thereby increasing vitality. The mind is rested and refreshed. Perhaps most importantly, the extra stretch to the pelvic region brings more blood to the reproductive area and the gonads absorb the required nutrition which results in increased physical vitality and creative power.
These reproductive glands are the seat of our creativity - not just physical creativity but emotional, mental and spiritual creativity. So even our artistic creativity and mental creativity (as in
problem-solving) can benefit greatly from the regular practise of this pose.

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